Visa fullständig version : Gresk politi

2006-11-13, 12:49
Se denne lederartikkelen fra Kathimerini. Kanskje er her en av forklaringene på hvorfor gresk politi har dårlig rykte...?

Big police force, but not on the streets
Greece has the lowest crime rates of all the countries in the European Union. This also coincides with the relatively crime-free Greece having the highest number of policemen per citizen (one police officer for every 198 people) - that is, twice the French ratio (1:417).

Nevertheless, the public’s sense of insecurity runs high - and not without good reason. It’s hard to find a police officer when you need one. The reason is that most of them have been appointed to offices or have been assigned as bodyguards for the protection of self-important personalities.

In other words, taxpayers pay thousands of euros so that some people can get a useless bureaucratic post or be used as decor for famous personalities.

Public Order Minister Vyron Polydoras must set aside his union concerns and deal with the issue.


2006-11-13, 19:13
It’s hard to find a police officer when you need one.

I suggest that you should try at the nearest kafeneionAng_elx